Letter from the Rector

Dear St Mary’s Church members,

As the church is soon to enter a new season in many ways, it will be wise to prepare the way with prayer. On Friday, 23 July, after COVID restrictions have been lifted, we will hold a
Day of Prayer,
accompanied by any form of fasting which seems appropriate for you.
Everyone is encouraged to commit to pray wherever they are, at some point during the day.

Click here to access a three-page ‘Call to Prayer’
(with thanks to Jacquie Moyse, prepared before the dates changed)
to help encourage and stimulate our thinking.

Please spend some time considering the words and the images,
allowing them to stir our thoughts and our prayers, helping us listen for however God might speak. Pen and paper might be helpful too. This second attachment provides a starter-list of subjects to bring to God in prayer, but please don’t feel limited by them.

In the lead-up to that day, through the months of June and July,
please consider committing to pray with one or two other people,
each week, either in person or via Zoom,
sharing a time of fellowship and encouragement as well as prayer.

It would be really good to know there is significant prayer going up
as we come to the end of lockdown, and step into the future.

The Rector