Data Protection


New data protection rules are coming into force on 25 May 2018.  We need to be sure that we as a church, and therefore all the groups we run, are compliant. Between us, we hold a lot of other people's personal information (data), on computers and on paper, so we all need to think about how we store this, how we use it, and how and when we destroy it.

If this might apply in any way to your role at St Mary's, please read our new Data Privacy Notice which gives more information.

Please then look at the Group Data Audit sheet, a simple grid to help you think through your responsibilities in the light of this new legislation. Please ask Church Secretary, Heather Ursell, if you have any questions, or if you need advice or paper copies.

The third step towards compliance will be to request permission from every person whose data we hold, to be able to use that information in appropriate ways. The Consent Form will in time be completed by everyone who comes under our church umbrella, for whom we hold contact details.  Initially, this will be a massive job, explaining the situation and gathering consent, but subsequently it will simply be a matter of keeping everything updated.

At the moment, this sample of a consent form is simply to show you what might be used, but it might still be amended in some way. You are sure to know when we are ready to take the step of asking everyone to complete the form!

We thank you for your support in this significant task for us all, but please don't be daunted; it's for everyone's protection.

Contact for Heather: 01255 672973 - email - or via church pigeon-hole.