Messy Church


In the Church Hall, Old Road on the first Wednesday of most school term months, from 4 till 5.30pm.

A range of fun activities, including crafts, games, Bible stories and a meal together - for primary school children accompanied by an adult, who themselves must be at least 16 years of age.

Contact Samuel Puttick - 07889 894948.

 Upcoming Messy dates?
Wednesday, 6 September & Wednesday, 4 October!

We had great fun looking at the parable of the unforgiving servant
in our March Messy Church session.

Claire in prison

In our February session we looked at the parables of the Hidden Treasure,
had a treasure hunt around the Church and searched for a pearl among seaweed!

 Messy February 17 1

Messy February 17 2

We had great fun in our January Messy Church session learning to Listen to God.

Messy January 17 1

We looked at the story of Samuel and how he heard God calling him.

Messy January 17 2

 Messy ChristmasMessy Sheep Trail
Our Christmas Messy Church last year was on Wednesday, 2 December, we called it ...

Let’s Party!

 Messy Christmas 2015

 Messy Christmas 2015

 Messy Christmas 2015

 Messy Christmas 2015

 Messy Christmas 2015

 Messy Christmas 2015

Messy Church really is free,
                 but we always welcome donations towards our expenses.


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