Carpet Bowls


HomeWelcome friends to St Mary's Carpet Bowls.

YOU are welcome to find Fun, Fellowship and Friendship - YOU name it, we feel we have it, all sorts and conditions of folk.

The Carpet Bowls Club meets in the Parish Hall at 10am on Monday mornings, and again at 2pm on Monday afternoons from September to April, and on some Monday afternoons in May, June & July. We enjoy a relaxing cup of tea or coffee during play. On 18 May the Carpet Bowls Club celebrated the 30th Anniversary of its formation with the Annual Lunch held at the Flamingo, Holland-on-Sea.

The original trophy, the Sidney Robinson Trophy was on display.  It was first contested in 1991 and won by Derek Scrivins who Bowls Club 2015won it a further four times before it was decommissioned and placed in the care of Derek’s widow in 2006.

The current trophy is the Derek Scrivins Trophy and certainly, a quick scan of the two shows some familiar names, like Alec Taylor, Jeanette Wiggins, Lorna Wyatt and Roy Norton, to say nothing of Dorothy Palmer, Chris Gold and Wyn Mee.

We must thank Sydney and Derek and the rest of the first committee for their vision and tenacity in setting up the Bowls Club on such a firm footing that we are still playing together 30 years on!

2015 Derek Scrivins Trophy – Winner: Chris Gold, Runner up: David Bull

Most Improved player AM: Terry Crean  PM: Colleen Long

If you are interested in joining us, please speak to Trevor Cobb (01255 675114) or email him.

“I come to Carpet Bowls  because of the fellowship.  I am happy to come to make the tea, even if I can’t play any more, because of all the smiling faces around. It really does me good and I look forward to it.”
(A quote from the AGM - 15, April 2013)