Frinton Mission 2020

 Frinton Mission 2020 will be completely different from any previous year.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be meeting together physically, either in the Mission Marquee on the Greensward, or in any of the usual church buildings for each age-group.

Instead, we look forward to a very special
FM 2020 Online,
to be accessed via the FM website,

There will be something for all the usual age-groups:
Bytesize, Soundbytes, Megabytes, Crash and Download,
as well as talks of different kinds for the adults.

The videos will be released day by day, during the FM week,
2 to 9 August either at 9am or at 2pm,
depending on the type of video.

Information is available on the website,
on FM posters and in FACT church notices.

On each weekday of mission week, there will be videos accessible
for every age group, from 3 to 103, via the mission website.
Please visit or the FM Facebook page,
and see what is already there, including promotional videos.

Click on the link below for the general FM promo video:

Wherever you can, please ‘like’ FM to help raise interest. 
Facebook is our primary form of publicity this year, so we need to maximise its effect.

Some of the groups invite contributions of videos or art work from the children,
before or during the week. Details on the website.

If you know of any children or teenagers who might like to join in,
wherever they are in the world, please do invite them.
We are more dependent than ever upon word-of-mouth to reach people.

Please help!

Frinton Mission 2016