Frinton Mission


MissionFrinton Mission 2018 takes place from Saturday, 28 July until Sunday, 5 August. A town-wide festival of teaching, activities, entertainment, and fun, it is led and staffed by many people from most of our local churches.

Up to 800 children and young people, aged 3 to 18 years, meet in various venues around the town, for different amounts of time each day, depending on their age.

There is a wide range of activities from crafts and tide fights, to Birch Hall Adventures and barbecues, and much more, as well as the opportunity to hear more about Jesus Christ, as appropriate for their age.

If you would like to find out details of a particular age group, or how you could be involved in this great venture of children’s work in the summer, go to

There are many adult events too, mostly in the Marquee erected on the Greensward for the week - with a crèche for under 3's in the mornings.

During June and July, every front-door in Frinton and beyond should have an FM2018 brochure delivered, with details of events and how to register children for theirs.

Frinton MissionLook out for your brochure,
or drop in for one at St Mary's reception after 1 July.