Thursday ChurchThursday Church

We continue to meet on Thursdays via Zoom and we are pleased to say that as many as 27 households (41people) have joined in so far. The meeting is normally hosted by Don Smith, and this gives us the opportunity to pray together and share how we are all doing.

At the end of the meeting Heather Ursell and Dominic Gardner will stay connected to hear feedback and opinions from those that attended with any technical questions regarding Zoom.

Thursday Church will be from 9.55am every week. To get involved please email to get signed up. About an hour before the meeting starts you will receive an email from the Church Office detailing the ‘room number’ and the password. This will take the form of a link for you to click on. Please click on the link below for further information. 

If you require any help installing Zoom, please contact Dominic Gardner at the Church Office.

Download your Zoom helpsheet here.