Action Groups


Our church activities are all overseen or organised by members of our various Action Groups, meaning that many people are involved in the life of St Mary's.


1. Communication & Publicity - Dominic Gardner - email

Dominic GAim to publicise the major services, especially Easter, Harvest, and Christmas

  • Edit copy for church posters and publicity, and oversee their production and display
  • Organise or undertake external advertising, when appropriate
  • Oversee all church notice boards, interior and exterior
  • Maintain church website, including adding weekly sermon recordings (audio and visual)
  • Prepare weekly “news loop’ to display for services
  • Be creative in introducing new ways of communicating God’s love and church life

2. Traditional Services – Don Smith - email

DonAim to oversee and facilitate the worship at our traditional church services

  • Monitor how our traditional church services are going,
    suggest improvements, research alternatives
  • Note schedule of annual church services such as Easter, Harvest,
    Christmas, united 10.30 services
  • Identify any training needs for roles within services,
    and identify possible trainees
  • Ensure range of banners are displayed appropriately

3. Fellowship - Karen Hepworth - email   (Deputy: Cate Wilby)

KarenAim to plan and organise church social and fund raising events

  • Instigate publicity for these events, in collaboration with
    the Communications & Publicity AG
  • Advise and support special interest social groups when required
  • Liaise and work with other AG groups (i.e. TOE and Pastoral Care) when planning social events which overlap with their remit
  • Coordinate regular ‘Rectory Tea Parties’ as a way of integrating new people and of evangelizing

4. Fabric – David Kidney - email

David KAim to oversee the maintenance of all church buildings

  • Oversee maintenance (and possible replacement) of soft-fabric of the church - including banners
  • Set up contracts with companies, then pass on to Church Administrator
  • Devise and run annual appraisals of all church buildings
    (including rectory interior)
  • Devise financial planning and projections for future maintenance
    and replacement of equipment
  • Oversee various ‘special projects’ (eg extended platform in the nave)
  • Consider the implications of re-ordering the church

5. Missionary – Don Smith - email

DonAim to monitor, review and promote our current missionary agencies

  • Review ‘mission partners,’ at least every three years, creating long-term plans
  • Maintain links with mission partners, currently London City Mission, Haven in Romania and Open Doors
  • Ensure each agency receives their share of St Mary’s financial gifts each year
  • Appoint representatives to liaise with Mission agencies
  • Promote mission partners in church services and on display board
  • Arrange annual Mission Sundays for each of our Mission Partners
  • Oversee appropriate donations to CPAS, FM, FACT, EA and other ‘occasional beneficiaries’ from our ‘fourth quarter’ of giving income
  • Allocate any residue from the ‘fourth quarter’ of our annual gift income
  • Receive occasional feedback from our smaller mission ministry agencies

6. Training, Outreach & Evangelism - Peter Wood - email

PeterAim to equip and encourage the church with the resources, inspiration and ability
to reach out into the community with the Good News of Jesus.

  • Plan regular Training courses, Outreach and Evangelism opportunities
  • Coordinate nurture and discipleship courses
  • Ensure suitable evangelistic literature is on display
  • Consider alternatives for Lent/nurture courses
  • Encourage ‘targeted outreach’ eg men’s events
  • Coordinate delivery of Easter and Christmas invitation cards to the whole parish
  • Consider any special Christmas outreach
  • Oversee AG sub-groups, WoW and MoI, reporting back to AG
  • Encourage local ministries of Soup Run and Jaywick Project 

7. Pastoral Care - Malcolm Bryden (email)& Tricia Hamilton (email)

TriciaMalcolmAim to develop and oversee a system of pastoral care for all church members

      • Ensure the elderly and unwell receive support - at home, in hospital or in residential care
      • Receive from the Rector and others the names of those who would like to be visited, including the lonely and bereaved, offering Holy Communion, where possible.
  • Coordinate hospital visiting with St Mary’s lay chaplains, both in Colchester and Clacton.
  • Consider the needs of other individuals of any age within the church and offer help, as appropriate.
  • Provide training for new pastoral carers.
  • Inform the church office of weekly prayer requests for the notice-sheet.

8. Standing Committee – Don Smith - email

DonAim to monitor the action taken by Action Groups and PCC

  • Oversee church employment contracts (staff & contractors)
  • Work with Church Treasurer, overseeing expenditure
    and annual church budget
  • Take emergency decisions on behalf of the PCC where appropriate
  • Suggest items for PCC agenda, including proposals
  • Monitor PCC decisions
  • Coordinate Health & Safety (and related Safeguarding) matters
  • Ensure Action Groups are fulfilling their duties and monitor their expenditure
  • Advise Rector on issues that may arise in the life of the church
  • Work with Fabric AG on ‘special projects’ including application for faculties
  • Explore possibilities of increasing church premises use as revenue stream,
    to help fund church ministry

9. Children, Youth & Families - Sam Puttick - email

Sam PuttickAim to grow the children and youth of the church in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ

  • Organise and administer training, nurture, education, and events to this end, encompassing other children and youth through contact
  • Oversee and support all groups involving children, youth and families:
             Crèche, Smallsorts, Transformers, NRG, Messy Church
  • Ensure Health & Safety matters (including Child Safeguarding) maintain a high profile
  • Ensure St Mary’s ‘volunteer employment’ system is followed,
    including contracts for all volunteers
  • Check each group’s team of volunteers is sufficient to support the aims of the group
  • Facilitate children’s involvement in church services
  • Support our Children’s & Families’ Worker
  • Draw on resources from the diocese/wider church

10. Prayer - Graham Dallisson - email

Aim to oversee the prayer life of the church and help people to engage in prayer

  • Encourage & lead by example, both in intercession and personal devotion,
    using various models of prayer.
  • Keep prayer life fresh and appealing and introduce new prayer initiatives
  • Coordinate the Prayer Chain
  • Develop sets of prayer cards & sheets for individuals and groups to use
  • Organise special prayer events, eg ‘half-nights’ of prayer
  • Promote/advertise prayer at church services and in notice-sheet
  • Develop and advertise corporate church prayer times,
    including the 'Monthly Prayer-Meeting’ on third Mondays
  • Encourage prayer partnerships or triplets
  • Produce and distribute prayer ideas for individual prayer
  • Pray for any needs arising from AG activities and concerns,
    e.g. illness, publicity, special services

11. Homegroups -  Heather Ursell - email

MikeAim to support all HG Leaders with appropriate resources to enable their HG members to grow spiritually, and in an atmosphere of encouragement and mutual support

  • Suggest study material and books for Home Groups to follow
  • Support group leaders by the sharing of ideas and suggestions (being mindful of AMG)
  • Encourage HG Leaders to identify and nurture potential leaders for the future (HG and other)
  • Liaise with the Training, Outreach and Evangelism AG,
    in particular in relation to post-Alpha
  • Maintain accurate lists of HG membership and ensure Pastoral AG Leader is kept informed of any changes.
  • Maintain overview of sizes and types of groups at St Mary’s
  • Encourage members of the congregation to join a group

12. Contemporary Services - Don Smith - email

DonAim to bring strategic thinking and vision to the contemporary service developments

  • Make practical recommendations on how to use new resources and materials
  • Liaise with other AG Leaders over shared agenda items (eg joint services)
    Identify any training needs for roles within services, and identify possible trainees
  • Keep general overview of 'shape' of the Sunday year, including joint services, baptism services, and festival services
  • Have input into planning certain special services, eg Christmas Family Service

13. Concerts - Duncan Archard - email   (deputy: Susan Hare)

StaffAim to maintain an overview of the concert year at St Mary’s

  • Arrange summer lunch-time concerts, and others during the rest of the year, bearing in mind any ‘normal’ church use, including other events on days before, on, and after, concert days
  • Booking of premises, including kitchen and hall as required, and heating
  • Booking any personnel required, such as operator of sound system, camera, projection system
  • Arrange any necessary movement or provision of equipment, and its return afterwards
  • Ensure clearing up of all premises afterwards, including WCs, leaving everything ready for other users
  • Ensure all buildings – all doors and windows – are secured on departure
  • Generate invoices and collect payments
  • Decide on rates of payment according to premises hire guidelines
  • Advertising: posters, website, tickets (and information to reception)