At St Mary’s Church, groups of people meet together in various homes around the parish during the week to have fellowship together. There are currently seventeen Homegroups meeting either during the daytime or in the evenings on various days. Homegroups aim to provide a supportive and caring environment where people can: worship together, study the Bible, pray together, and serve the community.

Homegroups are:

  • Safe places where people feel affirmed and valued.
  • An encouragement to study the Bible and apply it to our daily lives.
  • Supportive of each person in developing their gifts and abilities.
  • An informal place to worship together.
  • A place to welcome new people into the life of our Church.

We believe that this is a great way of being the Church for today.

A list of Homegroup leaders and when they meet is available here.

For details, contact Mike Denny via the Church Office or by email