London City Mission


London City MissionSt Mary's supports the work of the London City Mission (LCM) through prayer and giving.

MissionBefore Christmas each year, a representative of the mission visits the Church and we hold a "Toy Service" when all sorts of toys are donated for London City Missionaries to distribute to needy families.

London City Mission staff and volunteers go to the people of London:

  • Where they live – through community ministries based in local churches or the Mission’s own centres and cafés, and through schools work
  • Where they have settled – through specialised ministries to immigrants and ethnic minorities
  • Where they are marginalised – through ministries to prisons, homeless people and street people

London City Mission would be very pleased to send to you direct, at your request, the quarterly magazine "Changing London" and the daily prayer guide "Together".

To receive this literature you can telephone 020 7407 7585 or email: or visit the LCM website to fill in an enquiry form.
To receive the  latest e-Newsletter regularly, sign up on the LCM website.
The LCM website provides information including details of their ministries, prayer requests and opportunities for service.

A prayer meeting for the work of LCM is held on the second Friday of the month at 10am in St Mary's church centre.

For further information contact Lesley Holland or the church office - 01255 679164